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lately i can’t find any more meaning in my life in my hometown. 

lately i can’t find any more meaning in my life in my hometown. 

more butterfly wips

more butterfly wips

WIP. quite enjoyed working on these <3 they have completely different color schemes I plan to level after I finish all the batches.

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my mom asked why i don’t read as many books as i used to and i just said it was because i read a lot of unpublished stories from independent writers online and she thinks that’s very good of me to give undiscovered authors a chance


i just read gay porn

#unpublished stories from independent writers online

#so that’s what we’re calling it now



Ben Whishaw for Clash Magazine (click for bigger - 800px x 1200px)

so perfect I can’ttt


To the people i recently stalked from the marvel fandom; nice to meet you! I’m the regular newbie, just fell madly in love with steve and tony

I’m going to print some stony tees for this year’s popcon :) so i’ll be posting some wips for it :) this is going to be so fun! :)

London, Above and Beyond.


So I decided to ditch work and go London-ing, all of these are spontaneous. And also this is my very first take on the West End goggles, so I might be a bit biased here. 

turns out the play isn’t what I expected it to be, Probably because I have a hard time digesting the long dialogues which borders on monologues, or the fact that the old Peter and Alice characters are just not believable enough, not in terms of the way they was acted out, but probably because how they presented their thoughts in the form of dialogues, it somehow feels too basic and simplistic how they denied each others’ statements and give equally simple reasons (that somehow at some points made me cringe in my seat) 

In contrast to the script. the quality of the characters played out was far more superb, not just Ben and Judy Dench, Olly Alexander and Ruby Bentall’s stage presence wasn’t drowned by their older counterpart’s stage presence. 

Overall I really enjoyed the play, Ben’s acting was particularly heart-drenching, a haggard older Peter with a childhood trauma, he’s just beautiful <3 I hope I can see him again in the future. 

Other than that, I see / do some other equally interesting things in London. 

I’d love to go back someday <3 maybe stay a bit longer. 10 days were hardly enough.